BPM in Practice 2016

Practice of Process Management in Public Administration



BPM in Practice is an international forum, which aims to share insights and experiences of implementing process-orientation in various organizations.

It has been organized since 2010 in Vilnius, Lithuania, and since 2013 also in Warsaw, Poland and Hamburg/Berlin, Germany. Previous instances of this forum were well received by BPM practitioners and attracted audiences of up to 270 participants.

Up to now the forum explored general experiences in adopting business process management (BPM) in any industry sector: financial services, manufacturing, public administration, higher education, telecom, retail, etc. Since 2016, the forum aims to explore specific sectors and Public Administration (PA) has been chosen as the first sector for exploration. The public sector is undergoing a significant change: PA organizations are undergoing a conceptual transformation from controlling entities to service providers. Customers expect more effective services (shorter time, less mistakes, etc.), and governments are pressing PA organizations to work more efficiently (remove non value added work and use less resources for delivering services) by minimizing their budgets. In order to provide effective services in an efficient way, PA organizations need to have in place good business processes for delivering those services.

Because of this context, the public administration (PA) is one of the hottest sectors for introducing business process management (BPM) approach. However, deploying BPM practices requires significant organizational changes, which is always a huge challenge, especially in PA organizations. Thus it is very important to share experiences in applying BPM in this sector and learn from both successful and unsuccessful cases. BPM in Practice 2016 aims to provide a forum for practitioners in PA sector to share this experience, learn from it, and establish a community for continuous learning of deploying BPM approach and practices in public administration and dealing with challenges, both generic ones related to organizational changes and specific ones related to the nature of public administration sector.

The forum will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania on April 27-28, 2016.

The forum will be composed of 2 parts:

  1. conference with PA organizations presenting their BPM experiences in form of talks on April 27
  2. workshop that explores specific topics in form of interactive discussions, panels, and challenges on April 28.

It is expected that the forum will attract over 100 participants representing public administration organizations from Lithuania and other European countries.

The forum is open and the program will be composed of sessions proposed by the participants and selected by the program committee. Potential speakers are invited to check Call for Presentation, fill in presentation proposal form and send it to Program Chair by e-mail darius.silingas@nomagic.com

Important Dates:

  • February 26: Session proposals submission deadline
  • February 29: Program announcement
  • February 29: Call for participation
  • April 1: Early bird deadline
  • April 27: BPM in Practice 2016 conference
  • April 28: BPM in Practice 2016 workshops

If you want to receive more information about the event and ask specific questions, please contact conference Dr. Darius Silingas, Program Chair by e-mail darius.silingas@nomagic.com

The forum is supported and sponsored by EU funded research project Learn PAd.


2016 January 21
CALL for SPEAKERS announced

2016 January 20
Conference date is announced! We are getting ready for an exciting BPM in Practice 2016!

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